Relationship Building: How to Earn Trust & High-Quality Links

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Relationship Building: How to Earn Trust & High-Quality Links

Want to earn high-quality links? You first need to start building trust and connections. Here are five tips that will help you get ahead.

How To Build Professional Relationships At Work – Create Better Relationships Faster

How to Build Professional Relationships at Work is a challenge for us all.

I share 8 ways tried and tested ways to build professional relationships at work so you can create better relationships faster with your colleagues.

Better relationships allow you to be more effective at work, increase your enjoyment at work and increase the likelihood of being promoted.

The first step when relationship building at work is to be a likeable person. This may seem obvious – being nice, pleasant, and considerate all go a long way to helping colleagues think positively towards you.

Meet face to face wherever possible when building good relationships at work. Nothing beats it. With so many ways to contact people, many of them electronic, it is easy not to make the effort.

When building professional relationships, it is always useful to do your homework before meeting. This gives you a list of question you could ask to get the other person talking about their favourite subjects and gets the relationship off to a great start.

It can be hard to actually start building professional relationships at work, so look for any excuse to be able to meet with those you are looking to get to know. I run through my favourite tactics.

When building professional relationships it can be easy to forget the personal side of the relationship. Do find about what your colleagues do outside of work, what gets them excited and what they spend their time on. This adds a lot more depth and fun to the relationship.

As you build relationships at work, aim to help first and ask second. This is a much quicker and surer way of building positive and productive relationships.

In my view, the most important action to consistently do is deliver what you say. You must deliver and avoid letting people down. Delivering cements your relationship. You will end up with a higher standing in the team, your opinion carries more weight plus a host of other benefits.

And lastly, be consistent with your behaviour, effort and action. Consistency builds trust. Trust builds strong relationships. You must be consistent.

Make the effort to build good relationships, and that investment will be paid back to you many times over at work.

Enjoy building all those new relationships at work.

00:00 Intro
01:50 Be a Likeable Person
02:51 Meet Face To Face
04:05 Do Your Homework
05:08 Find excuses to meet
06:08 Build a Personal as well as a Professional Relationship
07:15 Aim to Help first and Ask second
08:34 Deliver what you say you will
10:00 Ensure Consistency of Effort and Action
10:30 In Summary

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How to Build Trust, Improve Relationships and Enhance the Quality of our Lives

The Trust Equation. This video is about building Trust – and how building Trust will Improve Relationships and Enhance the Quality of our Lives. After you have food and shelter, it is the quality of the relationships that really make your life. Relationships are really about trust. Where there is no trust, there is no relationship.

The Trust Equation:
The Arbinger Institute, Outward Mindset:

** How do you Increase Trust?

In order to Increase Trust =
Increase Perception of Credibility or
Increase Perception of Reliability or
Increase Intimacy or
Reduce Perception of Self-Orientation.

** Ways to increase Perception of Credibility:
Tell the truth.
Don’t exaggerate.
Avoid saying things that others may see as lies (eg “We’ll put our best people on it”)
If you don’t know, say “I don’t know”. Quickly.
If you don’t belong, don’t go.
Do your homework.
Care about the work.

**Ways to increase Perception of Reliability:
Make specific small commitments and deliver 100%.
Send meeting materials in advance.
Make sure meetings have clear goals, and that those goals are met.
Use the words your listener would use.
Review agendas for meetings.
Re-confirm events 24 hours before.

**Ways to Increase Intimacy:
Ask insightful questions.
Share first.

** Ways to Reduce Perception of Self-Orientation:
Ask questions.
Listen and paraphrase without adding anything.
Resist the need to fill silences.
Focus on defining the problem, not guessing the solution.
Say “I don’t know” if you don’t know.
Take responsibility for failed communications (“I have failed to communicate clearly” vs “You don’t understand“)
Think as if you were completely responsable for this person’s future success in all aspects that are important to the other person.
Care about the work. If you don’t care about the work, it is inevitable that you will focus more on yourself. Low self orientation is all about intensity of your commitment to help your listener.

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