How to Get Quality Links with Thought Leadership & Speaking

July 19, 2022 0 Comments

How to Get Quality Links with Thought Leadership & Speaking

Want to know how to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and get quality links in the process? This guide can help.

Build Thought Leaders to Build Trust | 2022 Content Summit

Ashley Faus, Director of Integrated Product Marketing at Atlassian, shares her strategy on becoming a though leader for your company.

Ashley takes the stage to speak about the Content Summit, the can’t miss marketing and comms event organized by PlayPlay

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Thought Leadership Marketing

Becoming a thought leader is hard work. In this video I discuss a few basics on how people like Neil Patel, Verena Pausder and Daniel Stelter become thought leaders.
– How do people become thought leaders?
– What are they doing differently than other experts?
– How can companies benefit from thought leadership marketing?
– What is the difference to content marketing?

These and other questions I will discuss in this short video.

Three Simple Ways to Define Your Thought Leadership

Three simple ways to define your thought leadership

If thought leaders don’t use mission statement to define their area of focus or study, what do they use?

And how do you do this quickly and easily so you know what to work on and how can you be seen and heard by potential clients?

Most importantly, how do you do this in a unique way?

In this video, you will learn three simple ways to define your thought leaders in the next hour. No more wasted time.

You will also learn:
• Why the thing you have been fighting against and wrestling with your whole career is the answer
• How Cal Newport defines his thought leadership
• The two things everyone cares about
• The four things Daniel Pink focuses on
• A three-step process for defining your areas of interest in a unique way

Geoff McDonald helps business experts define their thought leadership so they can focus their attention and attract their ideal clients.

— Chapters —

00:00 – Three simple ways to define your thought leadership
01:50 The Sandwich
04:31 How to define your thought leadership struggle
05:00 The Curve
06:42 How to identify what you care about as the focus of your thought leadership
07:17 The Core
08:49 How to define your areas of interest in a unique way

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Cal Newport – About

Laura Goodrich – GWT – Things we care about

Dan Pink – About

Rahaf Harfoush

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For coaching on how to define your thought leadership:

5 Ways to Be a “Thought Leader” in Any Industry | Authority Magazine interviews Brian Miller

In this interview with Authority Magazine, human connection specialist Brian Miller explains how to become a thought leader.
▸ Full interview:

Brian Miller is a former professional magician turned author, speaker, and consultant on human connection.

He works with organizations who believe everyone deserves to feel heard, understood, and valued.

He also prepares thought leaders to be “TED-Ready” in his speaking program Conquer the Red Dot.

Brian’s TEDx talk “How to Magically Connect with Anyone” has been viewed 3.3 million times.

He is the author of Three New People, which Publishers Weekly raved, “Brilliantly outlines a system for deepening relationships.”

And his podcast Beyond Networking features legends and leaders of industries like Seth Godin, Shama Hyder, and Julian Treasure.


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