5 Ways to Use Social Profiles to Get Quality Links

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5 Ways to Use Social Profiles to Get Quality Links

Your social media profiles are important for online visibility and helping grow your network, which can lead to more inbound links. Here's how.

How to put Clickable links in your Facebook Profile

5 Ways To Improve Your Digital Profile And Get A Job

Finding a job in current times has become very difficult. One cannot easily network, sit for face-to-face interviews, or even drop by the company office. Everything for now, and most certainly the future, will happen digitally. Hence, it is crucial to building a strong digital presence that can help you stand out from the crowd, and become the recruiters’ first choice when they are looking for candidates virtually. But, how does one optimize their digital profile? That is exactly what this video is for.

Here Are The 5 Ways To Build A Strong Digital Footprint :
1) Complete Your Digital Profiles – 01:28
2) Add Social Media Links Under Your Email Signature – 02:28
3) Add Work Samples – 02:53
4) Engage Your Visitors – 03:24
5) Build Your Network – 04:01

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How To Use SOCIAL MEDIA For Google My Business GROWTH

Do you use social media to support your Google My Business listing? Although it’s difficult to get all your accounts listed, knowing how to use your Social Media Accounts for Google My Business growth is important. WHAT NEXT? GO TO DAY 24 https://youtu.be/dX1srB-KASI For Google My Business MESSAGING

It is a relationship in SEO that needs to be understood as its builds trust in Google and all other references to your business. Call it symbiotic, cooperative, mutually beneficial or synergetic you like.

On day 23 of the 30-day challenge, I ask what could you do to be more active with social media?

Your social media accounts can damage or enhance your business and it’s so easy to fix. Today you will find out why it’s damaging and how you can fix it.

0:00 Introduction to GMB and Social Media
0:28 Google uses other social media listings
0:55 A vote of trust
2:04 Social profile on Knowledge Panel
4:13 Why Keep Social media updated
5:58 Tool 1 For Adding Posts
6:53 Tool 2 For Marketing
7:32 Tool 3 Free Health Scan

BUT before we start – Google has made it incredibly hard to control what they show on the knowledge panel. Although you can increase the odds of your social profiles showing. This is normally down to keeping it active, having a clear reference on your main business website.

If you want more direction on how to increase the likelihood and improve your authority with social links see – https://support.google.com/business/answer/7249596?hl=en
Notice Google says it May show the links and it’s dependent on Consistency and Authenticity.

What social media platforms do you use with your GMB?
Facebook Twitter Yelp, Facebook will not make any difference to your GMB listing – false – let’s show you why…

Do you keep your social media updated – a Facebook account last used in 2018 or a yelp listing with an old phone number is more harmful than good

//3 FREE Tools
Publer https://publer.io/Zanet

Marketing google – be more active with social media? see videos attached! https://marketingkit.withgoogle.com/intl/en-GB/r/GB

Here is a tool that will check your social media NAP and also check social media health scan on https://shrsl.com/2b1lf

Social media shows your business is for real and legit. Does your website show in the main social media profiles?
Social for business …NAP (Name, Address & Phone) is really important here
Anything said out there is like Google having a résumé on you.

Tomorrow day 24 is a new way your customers communicate – need your mobile for this! Be sure to subscribe for more web design tips: http://bit.ly/zanetsub


DAY 1 – Intro To #Boostmybusiness https://youtu.be/Nv9-WdiwKcs
DAY 2 – Business Hours Guide https://youtu.be/7Qn21zAp79g
DAY 3 – Google My Business Categories https://youtu.be/d4NrijriGzo
DAY 4 – Google My Business Photos https://youtu.be/1Rlc0deqMEI
DAY 5 – Making Business Decisions https://youtu.be/SYy2QkwoAGg
DAY 6 – Google My Business Reviews https://youtu.be/hlDfMK3pl0c
DAY 7 – Google My Business Posts https://youtu.be/FbHAyv0dWoc
DAY 8 – Google My Business App https://youtu.be/GCRKo9bTxnQ
DAY 9 – Google My Business Q & A https://youtu.be/R3yxB4SoviQ
DAY 10 – Google My Business SEO https://youtu.be/cKAHRy6zpvU
DAY 11 – GMB Website Builder https://youtu.be/4GO9CqJ4rsA
DAY 12 – Keyword Research in GMB https://youtu.be/EGJpnD1MK1Q
DAY 13 – Strategies For Local SEO https://youtu.be/iO43Q6knMME
DAY 14 – How I Create GMB Posts https://youtu.be/85PaTW1POL8
DAY 15 – Google My Business Insights https://youtu.be/bFaiy-PYNGo
DAY 16 – Local SEO https://youtu.be/UZjrz2aEjrU
DAY 17 – GMB Offers x 2 https://youtu.be/nmuLIg_U9ng
DAY 18 – GMB Photos Best Practices https://youtu.be/eE6dmbjjzPY
DAY 19 – How To Manage USER ROLES In GMB https://youtu.be/D_lWk7SQ3WM
DAY 20 – GET More Google My Business REVIEWS https://youtu.be/UiJppphiBJk
DAY 21 – Google My Business OFFER POSTS https://youtu.be/JnEhKOKBbg8
DAY 22 – Hidden GMB ATTRIBUTES https://youtu.be/i33hYGgPW0U
DAY 23 – SOCIAL MEDIA For Google My Business https://youtu.be/IAWNzkrJAEA
DAY 24 – Google My Business MESSAGING https://youtu.be/dX1srB-KASI
DAY 25 – Google My Business Quality Issues https://youtu.be/MCnCB9k_o4o
DAY 26 – GMB KNOWLEDGE PANEL settings https://youtu.be/2Ebr-qeH_cQ
DAY 27 – GMB AUTHORITATIVE Backlinks https://youtu.be/jHG_lNoPW3Q
DAY 28 – Add EVENTS To GMB https://youtu.be/-fCdEhFzPAk
DAY 29 – Google My Business PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/TTMKI5mtrEY
DAY 30 – Small Business TIPS https://youtu.be/x56TuYCVBYk

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in my videos and website are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Google. Any content or direction provided is of personal opinion and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.

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